I have been sleeping

I laid all I possess around me

and I fell inside

I took you

and we stayed in the field that never grew up


it was ours

I turned over

I was tied to a sign

and I tried to buy money

but my hands had worn away


with all these intentions

no one speaks

no one even speaks of thinking

this is how

this is

at the end of your life

a window

a tree that comes to an end

stories cut down for houses

at night we open doors

to try and bring them back

they are buried

in the lake that sleeps

inside our sun

nothing harder than the flower

knowing you are between airs

a sign just as usual

wearing enough okay

why petals are admired for ignoring you

i don’t know

on top of engaging with silence

and the demands

of being so easy

what we are now

is if you knew