here between trains

across the same borders

as if peace opens a door

i have nothing to take inside


i am the person

in the crumbling house

and everyone thinks

oh well

she loved rivers

we all go downhill


so much falling

and everyone happy

and some who found bones

washed up in their lives

by the book on your face

i can tell you have secrets

and i have been looking for something to say

i leaned in to clear my head

it was all soup and bread and

the ever sweeping away of leaves

what around the corner runs

the tiny thought away

all of these bodies

dragging hope after its dream

we are just a demand

that rises and falls

sometimes we are clouds

behind the love


I came with you to the city

And we saw the last giraffe

The tribunes were waving

Over our heads

And everything was made

Of sugar


I fed you from my hand

We were wild for once

Real captive wild

Not like this unrelenting freedom

I last gave to you

And now we have nothing

But does that make everything

The thing to do

are we there yet

i have fallen off this train

of anticipation

the ripple appears to not run

or walk or look at me

there were darts and bats

last night when i swallowed

my self into myself

they had hearts like fruit

they were imitations

of satisfaction

their senses and mine

kept turning the heads

of all the sleeping lifelines

it is not the concept of the eye

giving you trouble

a sun goes down the back of your head

an earth comes up


you are aren’t you

like you used to be

looking for the body under your feet

all the life you walk on

a ladder down


we have fought with the seven

wolves at your head

we have blown a breath of

light on your path

nobody ignores the stars like you

and weather makes this nobody